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Stephanie Schaefer is an MSDE-approved Trainer for Core of Knowledge (COK) trainings and Continued Trainings in Maryland. Stephanie is an independent trainer, and she also works as a trainer for Family Services, Inc., and the Silver Spring Day School Training Institute.

Trainings Stephanie currently provides:

  • Making a Difference for Young Children: Public Policy Advocacy – (3 hours, COK, Professionalism). How can early childhood education professionals educate policymakers about the importance of child and youth care services? This introductory training will define advocacy and identify key considerations for child care professionals in communicating effectively with policymakers to advocate for children. Participants will identify their own skills and determine how these skills align with advocacy strategies. Approval Number CKI-155685.
  • Basic Health and Safety – (5 hours, COK, Health, Safety, Nutrition) Fulfills new MSDE requirement. Beginning on July 1, 2017, this workshop is required as pre-service training for all childcare center staff, including directors, teachers and aides, as well as home day care providers. Learn about basic safety and health guidelines for both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Early Learning Assessment – (12 hours, COK (8 hours Professionalism, 4 hours Child Development) The Early Learning Assessment (ELA) is a formative assessment tool designed by the Maryland State Department of Education to assess children ages 3 – 6. Successful completion of this training enables FREE access to this tool for Maryland educators. Educators who complete this training before October 30, 2017 may be eligible to receive a $100 stipend per person to help pay for the training.   The ELA is based on research-supported Learning Progressions that are aligned to early learning standards. Formative assessment using the ELA is intended to be a ongoing process through which early childhood teachers collect and use assessment information to tailor instruction to the individual needs of each child. This training focuses on formative assessment, observation, and use of the ELA tool.

For more information, contact Stephanie at schaefer.research at or 240   441   3280.


Published by Stephanie Schaefer

Teacher, trainer, policy analyst, researcher.

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